About Us

Baku is the largest cultural center of Azerbaijan. It is the place where a national theater, the first in Muslim East, lifted the curtain, the first opera was performed, the first Azerbaijan newspaper was published, the first Azerbaijan library was opened. Baku has many amenities that offer a wide range of cultural activities, drawing both from a rich local dramatic portfolio and an international repertoire. Today Baku is known to have 7 theaters, 11 institutions of higher education, philharmonic, opera theater, film studio, cinema theaters and libraries housed in the city’s most beautiful buildings having an interior decoration which is every bit as good as their interior cultural content. It also boasts many museums such as Baku Museum of Modern Art and Azerbaijan State Museum of History, most notably featuring historical artifacts and art. Many of the city's cultural sites were celebrated in 2009 when Baku was designated an Islamic Culture Capital. Also, Baku hosted 57-th Euro-vision Song Contest in May 2012. Baku is one of the most dynamic cities in the world and I trust the Baku Kite gallery has a responsibility to show this prosperity of creativity.

As you know, our city got its name from the Persian “Badkube” (باد وبه bād kubeh) - “blow of the wind”, hence the expression “Baku is a city of winds”. In 1403, Abd al-Rashid (al) Bakuvi wrote about Baku: "The peculiarity of this city is that the wind blows in it night and day, so that sometimes with a strong wind it is impossible for a person to go against it ...". And the man went! Went against Khazar and Khazri and built them in defiance of the Maiden's Tower and two protrusions, like two arms outstretched towards the Sabail fortress ... Since then, these two bases are in a struggle. Who will win? One wise man said: “The Khazar and the Khazri, united, can smash any creation of human hands in a matter of hours, regardless of anything ... Our glorious city was born in this struggle. Our gallery was born in this glorious city.

«Kite» is the name of our gallery. Something sacred, cosmic is in this word, familiar to every Bakuman from early childhood. From the wind, bringing relief in the summer heat and, as if carrying away with it all the superficial, leaving only the true value. Inshaatchilar Ave 28 is the address where our gallery is situated and present itself to the eyes of everyone who loves traditional Azerbaijani art, who appreciates it, who creates it. In the collection of our gallery to your attention will be presented samples of painting, drawing and sculpture from social realism to abstract art.


The main purpose of our activity is to go beyond the predetermined boundaries and frames, to create a unique space with the help of colors. Our works are presented in the languages ​​of Absheron, Baku, Icherisheher, as well as portraits of ordinary people and philosophical themes. Since one of the main priorities of our gallery is the promotion of young artists, here you will also find their numerous works. The discovery of the art of the public, the creation of art accessible to all, the familiarization of the public with the cultural heritage of Azerbaijan is what we are striving for.

In our gallery, you can acquire artwork for an attractive rate that will remind you of fairytale city - Baku. With this page we would like to keep you informed of our activities, promotions, new artworks to the collection and much more.


Are you first time in Baku and looking for a special gift? We have a big selection of gift items such as paintings, souvenirs, ceramics, sculptures and designer items. All of them is about Absheron and its Old City, Gobustan and other mysterious places in Baku. You can also contact us for a gift card or even a gift subscription!